A new start as UD Trucks

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

After joining the Volvo Group in 2007, the company name was changed in 2010 to UD Trucks Corporation. The ‘UD’ trademark had been a symbol of the company and its products since the 1950s.

Adopting UD Trucks as the unified brand name meant building on the strong UD heritage and unifying it with the identity as a modern global truck brand with worldwide presence. Signifying the company's strong determination to further expand its truck business, this strategic move further advanced the platform for UD Trucks to develop and supply trucks befitting the new era through synergies with the unrivalled technologies of the Volvo Group.

The first achievement reflecting deeper and stronger collaboration materialized as a full-model change of the Condor series.Condor trucks are powered by GH5TA engines that incorporate a newly developed common rail. As a follow up to the Quon series, these vehicles are fitted with a urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that combines an SCR catalyst for purifying the exhaust gas with a UD Particulate Cleaning (UDPC) system for vast reduction in NOx emissions. This helps boost the engine’s combustion efficiency while also raising fuel economy, power and torque, thereby achieving improved environmental performance. As a result, all trucks in the series clear current long-term emission regulations as well as fuel consumption standards for heavy-duty trucks set for 2015. 


The new Condor trucks adopt a completely overhauled cab design that conveys the impression of a unified family identity with the Quon heavy-duty truck series. While realizing a spacious interior of the highest class, the cab contributes to outstanding fuel efficiency through advanced aerodynamic performance. Various system improvements have been made to enhance interior comfort and protect occupant safety in the event of a collision such as the adoption of highly rigid cab construction as well as knee protectors as standard equipment. The new Condor series comes in a range of models to meet diverse needs, led by the 8-ton GVW (gross vehicle weight) MK series and including the 10-ton to 11-ton GVW LK series, the 14-15 ton GVW PK series, and a 20-ton GVW PW model.