Tokyo Motor Show – Pulling out the stops

Monday, 25 November 2013

Since its inauguration in 1954, the Tokyo Motor Show has been a worldwide draw for customers, makers and journalists, making it an excellent opportunity for UD Trucks to showcase its products, vision, attitude and efforts to past and potential customers alike.

“Our theme for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show is “Going the Extra Mile.” We want to deliver two important messages: First, our new vision and customer approach. Second is our focus on helping the customer in their quest for profitability,” says Nobuhiko Kishi, Vice President of Product Strategy at UD Trucks.

For customers in mature markets, a Quon truck will be on hand to represent UD’s commitment to keeping operation costs low. “Quon is a very precise tool made for mature markets,” explains Kishi. “It was designed for very specific efficiency requirements in targeted markets such as Japan.” Interactive stations will allow visitors to experience how Quon’s celebrated ESCOT-V (automated manual transmission) works. 

A second station will feature a newly developed Quon fuel efficiency game where visitors can compete. It will also demonstrate Nenpio, a guidance system that helps drivers to operate in the engine’s optimum revolution range using highly specified visual and audio cues. “Nenpio’s benefits may not be so easy to grasp right away, but we want to put out the message that with this system, it’s easily possible to improve fuel consumption  up to 20 percent,” says Kishi.

Meet Quester
A Quester truck will also be present for customers from UD’s growth markets. “Quester is developed and optimized for growth markets and the various road conditions and applications that occur there,” notes Kishi. Information kiosks and Q&A sessions aimed to educate visitors about Quester’s UD aftermarket support, Fuel Coaching System and modern driveline will also be available.


“At this show, we don’t only want to show people our trucks—we also want to share our vision,” says Kishi. To this end, UD will also exhibit the Quon Fuel Demonstrator, an experimental truck used to test ideas at the forefront of fuel-efficiency technology.

“The traditional view is that UD is fuel efficient and reliable, and this is true. But at this Tokyo Motor Show, we want to let people know about our longstanding commitment to innovation and to giving customers the most up-to-date tools with which to be profitable,” says Kishi.