UD Trucks Corporation

Going the Extra Mile

In November 2004, UD Trucks brought new meaning to the [UD], long valued by shareholders and customers. UD, short for "Ultimate Dependability" is now form the basis of our new, long-term vision.

Under this vision, UD Trucks has gone beyond previous ways of thinking, and has drawn up operational policies to continue innovations in all areas, in order to build relationships of "Ultimate Dependability" among customers, shareholders, affiliated companies, employees, and local and international communities.

The company has grown from a small company to an international corporation that designs, develops, tests and manufactures innovative and technologically advanced products. Through innovative engineering aimed at generating benefits for people and the environment, we have applied technologies the diesel engine field, to produce an even greater range of comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles.


UD Trucks corporation

Date of establishment: December 1, 1935 

Head office: 1-1, Ageo-shi, Saitama 362-8523, Japan

President: Yusuke Sakaue

Principal business: Manufacture and sales of diesel engines, light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks, buses, bus chassis and special-purpose vehicles.

Capital: Yen 38,600 million

Major of shareholders: AB Volvo (100%)