Engine exports to Chrysler

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In 1966, the company received an inquiry regarding UD engines from Chrysler, one of the “big three” U.S. automakers.

Chrysler had heard about the company’s top-grade two-cycle diesel engines and was searching for a durable, high-performance model. Provided that various performance standards were cleared, Chrysler was very much interested in introducing these engines. Keen to satisfy these requirements, a UD engine was immediately sent to Chrysler for testing. Since Chrysler was seeking a multi-functional engine that could be applied to small ships and for industrial purposes in addition to automobiles, testing procedures were far more extensive and rigorous than initially anticipated.

Chrystler deal

Chrysler made meticulous checks to make sure that continuous output of top-quality engines and the supply of exceptional parts were possible. At the end of two years of research and testing, Chrysler recognized the outstanding characteristics of the company’s engines and their high quality and durability.

In October 1968, a long-term export agreement was concluded with Chrysler, marking the first occasion for a Japanese automaker to supply engines to an U.S. automaker. At that time, the world believed that Japan’s automobile technology did not achieve the same level as U.S. and European standards. Once the news spread that the company was delivering its engines to one of the “big three,” this tremendous accomplishment was highly applauded not only by the Japanese auto industry but throughout industrial circles as well.