SD engines perform well in the United States

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In addition to the UD engine, other UD engines such as the small-size SD engine were being exported to Chrysler. The SD engine was a four-cycle diesel engine with improved high-speed rotation made possible via a swirl-type combustion chamber.

Two models, a four-cylinder 60-horsepower model and a six-cylinder 95-horsepower model, were developed and released in 1964. Aside from the company’s small-size 2-ton payload trucks, SD engines were fitted in luxury vehicles as well. 

SD engines

From left: SD22 engine, SD33 engine, UD626 engine

UD and SD engines supplied to Chrysler were also being used in small ships such as pleasure boats as well as for compact agricultural and industrial machinery through Chrysler’s Marine & Industrial Division. Not limited just to North America, product sales extended to Central and South America as well. Since there were few diesel engines in the United States that could compete with the SD engine, the company posted excellent sales, with exports to Chrysler continuing until 1976. 

SD engines also achieved further inroads during this time with Datsun trucks made by Nissan Motor. These trucks equipped with SD engines realizing excellent fuel efficiency captured significant market share both in Japan and the United States. As a result, monthly production exceeded 10,000 units.