Debut of mid-size Condor

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trucks became key to logistics as needs in the transportation industry diversified. This was being driven by a shift from the mass production of single products to high-mix, low-volume production and the expansion of cold chain logistics for transporting fresh produce and frozen foods in the food distribution industry.

debut of mid size condor_1

Condor trucks incorporated an ED6 in-line four-cycle, six-cylinder diesel engine for greater efficiency, while a swirl chamber adapted from the two-cycle UD engine ensured exceptional power. In 1977, the company equipped the Condor with an FD6T engine capable of 170-horsepower achieved through direct injection turbo, which was a first in Japan among mid-size trucks. Meanwhile, the cab featured a wide front window as well as a non-triangular side window for enhanced visibility, which drew critical acclaim from users because it made the truck feel more like a passenger car on the road. 

After a full model change, the all-new Fine Condor truck with a sleek aeroform design was unveiled in 1993. Besides boasting exceptional driving performance, this latest generation reduced exhaust gas emissions and touted a number of safety features such as an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and airbag. This pioneering model received high praise as a truck befitting the new era. In 2002, the company took another step forward with the launch of the world’s first capacitor hybrid truck that runs on a diesel engine and motor.