Going green

As one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, UD Trucks is investing a great deal in developing vehicles that offer better efficiency, fuel economy and environmental responsibility. 

All new truck's launched by UD Trucks Southern Africa since July 2007, already comply with Euro II standards. Through its environmental policy, UD Trucks aims to create a better environment by taking every possible measure to tackle global environmental issues. The company aims to develop environmentally friendly products through measures such as reducing exhaust emissions, improving fuel efficiency and reducing external automobile noise.

UD Trucks is also pursuing activities for energy-saving, resource-saving and waste reduction.

With the introduction of the Quon Heavy Duty range on the global stage, UD Trucks made a strong statement of its intentions to become an even bigger and more environmentally caring truck maker in the future.  The Quon was the first truck in the world to conform to the very stringent long-term emission requirements in Japan.  In fact it already complied in 2005, which was a year prior to the imposition of these regulations in Japan that are even stiffer than Euro 5.

In South Africa, the company has adopted a philosophy of introducing appropriate technology that not only adheres to local legislation, but continues to fulfil the needs of customers in various applications. We support industry actions to improve the quality of diesel available in Southern Africa.

The company will continually invest in making trucks that not only suit their customers’ requirements, but also don’t add to the already burdened environment. The company will also take various actions to reduce the volume of waste produced and will, during the course of the next few years, implement training and education programmes, so as to keep both employees and management informed with regards to environmental policies and matters.

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