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Segment   Medium Duty Medium Heavy Duty 
 GVW  10.4 t  11 t 13 t  14 t  15 t   17 t
 Model Name  MKE  LKE PKE 
 Cab 2.1m
 Engine  GH5E: 180 hp(Euro-3)/210 hp(Euro-3, Euro-4)/240 hp(Euro-4) GH8E: 250 hp(Euro-3, Euro-4)/
280 hp(Euro-3, Euro-4)
 Transmission Manual 6S/Automatic 6S  Manual 6S,9S/Automatic 6S 
Axle Capacity  Front: 4.2 T/Rear: 7.5 T  Front: 5.0 T/Rear: 9.5 T  Front: 6.5 T/Rear: 11 T 
Front Suspension  Parabolic/Multi-leaf  Parabolic/Multi-leaf  Parabolic/Multi-leaf 
 Rear suspension Air/Multi-leaf  Air/Multi-leaf  Air/Multi-leaf 
Tire  8.25R-16
235/75R17.5R 8.25R20


 Model  GVW Rear Suspension  Wheelbase 
3450  3750  4250 4500  4750   5250 5500  6000  6500 
 MKE 10.4/11 t  Air       
LKE   12-14 t  Air       
 PKE  15 t  Air       
PKE   17 t Air                


 Model  GVW  Front Suspension  Rear Suspension
 Type  Axle Load Type  Axle Load 
 MKE 10.4-11 t  Parabolic  FAL 4.0   Air RAL 7.5 
Multi-leaf  Multi-leaf  
 LKE  12-14 t  Parabolic  FAL 5.0    Air RAL 9.5 
Multi-leaf    Multi-leaf 
 PKE  15 t  Parabolic   FAL 6.0  Air   RAL 11
 Multi-leaf   Multi-leaf 
 PKE 17 t  Parabolic   FAL 6.5   Air   RAL 11
 Multi-leaf   Multi-leaf 



Inline 4-cylinder four cycles turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled diesel engine. Single overhead camshaft with 4 valves per cylinder.

UD Trucks Croner GH5 180hp and 210hp


Inline 6-cylinder four cycles turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled diesel engine. Single overhead camshaft with 4 valves per cylinder.

UD Trucks Croner GH8 210hp and 250hp


A. Transmission

B. Clutch

Hydraulically operated single-disc clutch for robust and reliable performance. Largest size of disc diameter (395 mm) is adapted.
• Organic type – Recommended for standard specification.
• Cerametallic – Recommended for high temperature environmental operation like Go & Stop compactor mode.

C. Rear Axle Ratios

A wide range of ratios are available, delivering maximum drivability and superior fuel economy whatever the application.
• 7 variant for 10.4-14 t
• 6 variant for 15-17 t


• Engine PTO available as an option with flanged connection. Maximum torque output on GH5E 400 Nm and GH8E 600 Nm with 1 to 1 gear ratio.
• Transmission PTO with 6 or 9-Speed SMT (manual) available with flange or spline connection, maximum torque 350 Nm.
• Automatic transmission PTO preparation kit is available for a selection of side or upper mounted PTOs, depending on PTO size.


The chassis of the Croner has been designed for optimal vehicle strength and long-term durability, but with a high level of customization according to operational and legal requirements. Different wheelbases, rear overhang, fuel tank capacities and exhaust directions can be specified. A huge range of options including front underrun protection can be chosen in order to meet road regulation requirements.

A. Frame

• The P9218’s upgraded high-tensile strength frame can accept up to
20 percent (650 N/mm2).
• The new manufacturing process adopts cold rolling which can
lower initial stress compared to press stamping manufacturing.
• The rivetless frame at the top helps to rear body building process.

B. AdBlue Tank

20-liter AdBlue tank standard with Euro4 approved models, mounted on the left side. Manufactured from HDPE plastic. Optional lockable tank cap.

C. Fuel Tanks

Fuel tank sizes of 100 liters and 190 liters can be specified for all models, while a 380-liter tank can be specified for models with a wheelbase above 5,250 mm. Double 190-liter fuel tanks (380 liters) are also available.

D. Exhaust

The exhaust system is a horizontal-mount muffler with a galvanized surface treatment for corrosion resistance. Its direction can be specified (rear, left, right, vertical) according to the customer’s or market’s requirement.

E. Bumper

The bumper structure is made of three pieces with steel corners enabling a partial replacement of the structure. It also has an aerodynamic design with lowered ride height for improved fuel economy.

F. Spare Wheel Carrier

A spare wheel carrier installed in the rear overhang can be specified where possible. The spare wheel is mounted or removed by inserting a crank handle into the socket of the tire carrier and turning the crank handle.


A. Front Suspension

In conjunction with Croner’s flexible nature, there are two types of front suspension for high loading applications – a parabolic spring and a multi-leaf spring. The parabolic spring gives the advantage of driver comfort and longer service life.
• Two types of springs available: Parabolic and multi-leaf.
• Two types of stiffness available: Normal and stiffer spring.
• Stabilizer bar is available as an optional variant.
• Double-acting type shock absorber as standard.

B. Rear Suspension

Two choices of rear suspension: Multi-leaf and air spring. The multi-leaf has two levels of stiffness. The rear air suspension is perfect for sensitive applications, such as if the vehicle is used for transporting fragile goods.


A. Main braking system

A full air braking system with reliable S-cam type drum brakes is offered on all variants, delivering easy maintenance, lowered cost of upkeep and increased reliability. An automatic
slack adjuster and spring-based parking brakes are also standard.

Options for the brake system include anti-lock braking systems (ABS) with integrated electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) for superior performance and safety.

B. Exhaust Brake System

Exhaust brake system is standard for both GH5E and GH8E engines. Automatic transmission variants have an auto down shift function that is available when the exhaust brake is switched on. With more revs, the effect of engine exhaust braking is stronger and delivers more efficient overall brake performance.


A. Exterior

Croner has an all-new, modern exterior design with improved aerodynamics and a low coefficient of drag. A wide front panel/grille framed by low-mounted headlights and fog lights integrated into the bumper for optimum visibility. Two-step entry gives drivers quick access to the cabin.

For ease of maintenance, the cab tilts 48 degrees for easy access without opening the front hatch before, while a front step provides easy access to the windscreen and wipers.

UD Trucks Croner day and sleeper cabs

Cab instep for quicker, easier access for drivers, the cab has two anti-slip steps and three easy-grip handles with 90 degree door-opening angle. Front underrun protection available as an option.

B. Dashboard

The dashboard has been designed with sound ergonomics in mind: The most important controls and switches are put within easy reach of the driver, all key functions/switches are clearly labeled for maximum usability. The steering column is adjustable for reach and rake in order to give a wide range of drivers the best comfort and operating position.

C. Driver’s Information Display

A 90 x 55 mm digital information display is integrated with the instrument cluster, showing a complete range of driving information such as vehicle status, diagnostics and trip data and fuel coaching.

D. Fuel Coaching System

A real-time fuel coaching system is fitted as standard to all Croner models. Using visual cues on the driver’s information display it guides operators towards improved fuel efficiency. Data for up to 15 trips can be logged and downloaded for analysis and performance optimization.

E. Cruise Control

Cruise control is available as an option.

F. Climate Control

Four choices for climate systems include: Air conditioning only, air conditioning and heater, heater only, or ventilation only.

G. Seats

A driver’s seat and center seat are standard and upholstered in high-quality, fire-retardant textile.

A choice of three different ergonomically designed driver’s seats is available: Fixed, mechanical suspension or air suspension.

All seats feature a wide range of adjustments: Fore/aft slide range 160 mm, seat cushion tilt 60 mm, height adjustment of 100 mm (air suspension seat).

UD Trucks Croner day cab and sleep cab seats

H. Audio System

AM/FM radio system with USB input for auxiliary audio and charging. 

I. Bunks

Bunk mattress available for sleeper cabs.

J. Storage Compartments

Overhead storage space with 2x10-liter compartments available as an option. Center seat can be folded down for more storage room.

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