360˚ view of the cab

More space, comfort and convenience for drivers

Driver Efficiency

More Space, comfort and convenience

Clean and simple driver environment
The ergonomically designed dashboard presents all information clearly to the operator, with all important controls logically placed and clearly marked for maximum ease of use.
UD Trucks Croner Digital Driver's Information Display
Clear driver information
Digital Driver's Information Display
An easy-to-read instrument cluster is backed up by the digital multi-function display (MFD). Croner is one of the few medium-duty trucks to have this as a standard feature in all models.
Air-suspended seats available
UD Trucks Croner Day and sleeper cabs

Cab design made with drivers in mind

A new, more open and ergonomic design with driver comfort at the forefront, minimizing time lost due to driver turnover.
Extensive storage space
UD Trucks Croner 2.3m Sleeper Cab

Sleeper cab for the long haul

Rested drivers deliver better. A sleeper cab configuration is also available, with a single bunk bed for long-haul operations.
Ergonomically designed dashboard and seats

Adaptable comfort for all drivers

Ergonomically designed seats with a wide range of adjustment, plus a steering column with adjustable length and angle, to suit a wide range of drivers and give the best driving position. Optional air suspension driver’s seat delivers even better comfort.
Optional front parabolic springs

Less fatigue, more efficiency

An improved cabin with reduced noise, vibration and harshness improves overall driver performance and productivity.

Practical and well-lit

Ample overhead storage bins and clear interior lighting with optional large fluorescent lamp.
Two-step easy access

Easy to enter and exit
The two-step entry allows for a quick and safe entry and exit with a first step positioned for easy cabin access and a longer, ergonomic entry-handle.

Capable driveline makes jobs easier

Superior drivability from high torque engines with automatic transmission options available for all models for enjoyable and stress-free driving.

Fuel coaching display
UD Trucks Croner Driver training

We invest time in drivers

UD Trucks Croner Handover and operation
Handover and Operation
This driver training course ensures that the driver learns about his vehicle and how to conduct daily checks to keep the truck on the road longer.
Driver training for fuel cost savings
UD Trucks Croner Driver Training course
Fuel-efficient and Safe Driving
This training helps even experienced drivers improve their efficiency behind the wheel for more cost-effective and safe driving.

UD Trucks Croner Securing cargo
Securing Cargo
The course shows drivers the best ways to secure goods and protect them against theft.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency

UD Trucks Croner Driveline
Better fuel efficiency for optimized operating hours
Croner uses fuel efficiently and without waste. Using less fuel every minute means going further and longer at lower cost.

Minimize your fuel consumption

5-liter and 8-liter engines

Advanced precision for top-level fuel efficiency
At the heart of the Croner is a set of new engines: The 5-liter GH5E and 8-liter GH8E. Developed by UD Trucks, they feature state-of-the-art technology with high torque of up to 1,050 Nm and fuel efficiency as key strengths to give optimal performance.

The 5-liter 4-cylinder GH5E delivers fuel-efficient daily duty work for a wide range of applications. The efficient output and high torque allows for engine ‘downsizing’ without compromises. The power/torque of the diesel engine is as follows: 
•180 hp/750 Nm. 
•210 hp/825 Nm.
•240 hp/900 Nm* (Euro3/*Euro4).

The 8-liter 6-cylinder GH8E offers excellent and powerful performance, ideal for construction work and for transporting large and heavy loads. Experience strong power combined with low operating costs through good fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and long service intervals. The power/torque of the diesel engine is as follows: 
•250 hp/950 Nm.
•280 hp/1,050 Nm (Euro3/4).
UD Trucks Croner engine variants

The 5-liter GH5E and 8-liter GH8E

Wide selection of rear axle ratios

Automatic Transmission

UD Trucks Croner automatic transmission variants
Automatic transmission
The optional automatic transmission knows the best gear to engage in any situation and allows for quicker yet efficient and optimal cruising speeds. That means more trips per day and a boost to overall productivity. It is available for all variants, with a direct coupling “lock up” function for enhanced fuel efficiency and performance.

Easy and safe driving

Aerodynamic Cab Design

Aerodynamic cab design
The Croner cab features a new, more aerodynamic cab design, which reduces coefficient of drag by five percent and improves fuel efficiency at highway speeds.
UD Trucks CRoner
Reduced wind resistance

UD Telematics services and fuel reports

UD Trucks Croner Optimized service planning
UD Telematics Services
Our designed solutions encourage better driving behavior and protection of fuel assets. Fuel utilization reports demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing, fuel advisory services improve driving behavior, and fuel loss alerts prevent theft or misuse of fuel.

Fuel-saving Economy Shift mode

Fuel coaching

Fuel coaching
All Croner models are equipped with a built-in fuel coach, an onboard solution clearly displayed at the center of the instrument cluster, giving instructions in real time. This helps to improve driving behavior by prompting the driver to use optimal revs or reduce unnecessary acceleration.
Constant speed with cruise control

Cruise control

Cruise control
Cruise control reduces driver workload on longer journeys and helps to reduce fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed.

UD Trucks Croner cruise control

Cruise control

Road speed limiter for safer driving

Speed Limiter

UD Trucks Croner speed limiter
Speed Limiter
Croner is equipped with a road speed limiter which can be set to desired speed through the instrument panel by the customer, improving safety and reducing excess fuel consumption.

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