Genuine Parts - Every part matters

UD Trucks Southern Africa is continuing its drive to offer you the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry.  Key to this is the timely and effective supply of UD Trucks Genuine Parts to limit downtime on trucks, and to limit unnecessary breakdowns or failures.

When you buy a UD Trucks vehicle, the quality is inherent in every part and component, as the company continuously ensures that the complete vehicle adheres to stringent quality measures.

As part of our ongoing drive to provide a better product and service to customers, UD Trucks has set the benchmark in the industry and have a leading parts supply rate.

Appointed dealers are assured of high-quality service and swift turnaround 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. As dealers are ensured of a quick and easy supply of parts, there are little or no disruptions to our customers' businesses.

Buying a truck is a big investment and for this reason, you need a transport partner that is as serious about your business as you are. At UD Trucks we understand all the complexities involved in today’s transport industry, and we therefore are able to offer customers complete solutions, no matter the size of their business.

UD genuine parts

UD Genuine Parts are guaranteed to:
  • Meet UD Trucks vehicle specifications
  • Fit perfectly and work right the first time
  • Deliver superior quality, provide the latest specifications
  • Ensure that your UD vehicle stays UD, through and through

Oils & Lubricants

UD Trucks Southern Africa’s Oils and Lubricant product range forms part of the company’s commitment to keep our customers’ lifecycle costs per vehicle to the absolute minimum.

At UD Trucks, we take great care to ensure that we provide a high quality product that is able to sustain our objective of the highest possible level of durability and ultimately giving you as much up-time as possible.

  • Adheres to stringent quality requirements
  • Specifically blended & tested on UD Trucks
  • Completely compatible to UD Trucks products

As one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, UD Trucks is investing a great deal of resources in developing vehicles and products that offer better efficiency, fuel economy and environmental responsibility.

Why use UD Trucks Oils & Lubricants?

  • It is cost effective - prices are negotiated on a global platform
  • Leads to extended oil intervals
  • Lowers CPK
  • World-class quality
  • Tested for specific use on UD Trucks
  • Region-wide dealer support

One of the company’s key focus areas is roll-out of global quality standards in dealerships across southern Africa. For this reason, UD Trucks Southern Africa’s dealer network now only use the UD Trucks Oils and Lubricants in their workshops, and will expand their offering as more products are introduced in the near future.

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