UD Trucks Croner automatic gearbox for 8L engine


Quester comes with a choice of 8-liter or 11-liter highly-efficient diesel engines, with low fuel consumption and superior performance, putting you one step ahead of the competition. Available power outputs range from 330hp to 420hp, all with air-to-air intercooler turbocharging, integrated into a proven powertrain with a choice of transmissions offering 9 or 12-speed, to perfectly match the engine and the task.

UD Trucks Croner axle

Axle capacity

• Croner has the highest axle capacity in its class.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• In other words, it can carry more than typical medium-duty trucks, with the ultimate reliability and durability expected of a UD truck.

UD Trucks Croner steel frame

Upgraded high tensile steel chassis frame

• Built for durability and safety with millions of kilometers of durability testing.
• Frame with the highest tensile limit (strength) in its class.
• Engineered to be strong yet flexible based on globally proven technology and experience.
• Flexibility ensures chassis components perform well and reduce cargo stress.

UD Trucks Croner front and rear suspension

Front and rear suspension

• Croner offers several reliable and durable options from leaf spring to air suspension.
• A heavy-duty version of the multi-leaf spring suspension is available with higher stiffness and strength.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• Optional air suspension is available for factory option to meet customer demand for transport quality of sensitive freight.

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